The concept, message, and quality of design in real estate marketing is at the center of the services we provide. Design is a strategic approach to catching one’s interest and elicits an emotional response. It creates a relationship – a social connection to the product, service and company. The conceptual environment created by design draws […]

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A logo embodies the attitude, identity, and business of a company in its name, design, and colors. A logo should be relevant to the services, to the industry, and be immediately recognizable by customers. Our NextHome Preferred logo was founded upon a name that speaks directly to what we do. NextHome Preferred represents forward motion,

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Our friend, companion, and mascot. When Luke is not out in the field and enticing people to tour new homes for sale or playing with neighborhood kids, you can find him relaxing at home with his favorite book. Born June 15, 2014 at Pentagram, New York, with an immediate affinity and passion for real estate,

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Our name is representative of what we do and how we help people buy and sell properties everyday.  It speaks to our industry, our careers, and our passion. NextHome Preferred is representative of the steps and transitional moments experienced by clients and our communities.  We are dedicated to giving our clients the best service and

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Real estate signs are an integral part of marketing properties. They draw attention to the listing, offer information to buyers ,and invite people in to preview their next home. Signage that differentiates a home for sale and offers potential buyers instant access to property details and photos is important for the seller’s success, and to

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