Reach150 is a highly-integrated recommendation platform that we are proud to offer as an included NextHome Preferred member benefit. These recommendations can come from anyone in your sphere, not just past clients, making the process of collecting recommendations a breeze. You are in complete control of what recommendations get displayed on your Reach150 profile. If […]

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The Internet is the first place home buyers and sellers go for information on properties, values, and real estate agents. It is also the first place they look to research a referral or an agent marketing themselves in the community. When they do, what will they find? Today, your online reputation is a deciding factor

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Real estate signs are an integral part of marketing properties. They draw attention to the listing, offer information to buyers ,and invite people in to preview their next home. Signage that differentiates a home for sale and offers potential buyers instant access to property details and photos is important for the seller’s success, and to

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Social Media

It’s a part of our world and our work. We connect with people, communities, products, and services through many social media channels. It has become a source of news and ideas, and is a factor when exploring new products or services.Real estate is a people and a marketing business. Agents today embrace, and utilize social

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